Shake Weight Gets a Good Stroking From an iPhone App

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. Shake Weight might be out-stroked by the iPhone app “All Jacked Up.”

You, too, can have all the benefits Shake Weight offers with added bonuses:

1)     Fits in your pocket without the bulge

2)     Let your date use it to see if there’s any chemistry and favorable techniques

3)     Keep your boss busy while he waits for you to finish off the TPS reports

4)     Easily performed while waiting in line behind an old lady who is writing a check for a pack of gum

5)     Shareable in a “circle” of friends – sometimes not socially acceptable

But wait, there’s more ….

  • Cost for the Shake Weight – $30
  • Cost for the “All Jacked Up” app – 99 cents
  • Cost for getting the same sensation – PRICELESS!

So join the craze and shake it up and get jacking – “Do not go gentle in that good night” without using “All Jacked Up.”