Shiny Disco Club presents : Millenium Disco vol.2‏

One year after carrying off its bet with the first volume of the "Millenium Disco" compilation,
the french label Shiny Disco Club strikes back with a second opus of this series.

This time, Shiny Disco Club mixed many genres by calling 24 different artists going from
Disco House to Synth-Pop, with the aim of spreading their common love for disco around the world.
These funky grooves will definitely bring some fresh air to your playlists and juice up your nights.

Like the previous one, this compilation is free for our fans and will always be.
However, keep in mind that the best way to support the artists is to share this release as much as you can!

Listen to the compilation on Soundcloud.
Download the compilation for free on Mediafire.

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Jack Stovin

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