Offering nothing new to the music scene, Sparks The Rescue’s first album is by far the most annoying piece of teenage butt rock to hit our record stores. What makes it so annoying you may wonder?

Well, like many pop songs, they manage to get into your head some way or another. This album is really catchy, well produced and well written. It may follow exactly the same format as the whole back catalogue of Drive-Thru Records bands, but it works.

Having had no prior knowledge of Sparks The Rescue, I had no idea what to expect when placing the cd into my player. ‘My Heart Radio’ began to play and instantly I laughed. Especially when the first lyric is: “We were gettin’ fucked up” in an American accent.

Harmonies, punky-guitars and fast-paced simple beats make Sparks The Rescue an easy-to-listen to band. It must be so much fun to be in one of these bands, touring around America with hundreds of screaming girls and playing really easy rhythms and melodies.

But would I sacrifice making innovative music for cheesy pop? No I wouldn’t. All you other bands looking at replicating bands like Sparks The Rescue, please don’t and save our worn out old ears.

‘Skeleton’ stands out a tad from the other tracks with a powerful chorus of harmonies that please the ears like a cute puppy pleases the eyes. ‘Chemistry Set’ confused me a little, as the lyrics describe forgetting someone with a chemistry set? “God bless this chemistry set, it helps me to forget you”. At times they have tried a heavier approach to verses and bridges in the songs which do seem to work.

The album is consistent, each track seems to blend with one another into annoying whiney American heartfelt OC pop. This does mean your feet never stop tapping the floor in an uncontrollable spasm. At some points you even sing along, yes I admit that I was singing along after the 20th listen.

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