Have you ever wondered how much a truck can pull? They look huge when you drive past them on the road, and the tires seem to dwarf your car. In this gripping video, Volvo Trucks see if they can push the limits of one their vehicles, and answer that question with an attempt to perform one of the heaviest, and craziest truck pulls in their history.

Setting out to break even more heavyweight records with this challenge is Magnus Samuelsson, the former holder of the world’s strongest man title. Magnus is used to pushing things to the limits, and this truck challenge is no exception. “Few things can match the sense of challenging and winning over one’s physical limitations. I’ve faced many tough challenges over the years but this pull is my heaviest ever,” he said.

Volvo Trucks 750 tonne challenge
“The world’s strongest man, drives the world’s strongest truck”

However this time, Magnus has the help of a Volvo FH16 truck featuring the brand new I-Shift with crawler gears that allows heavy-holder job operators to pull up to 425 tonnes of vehicle weight. As ever, Volvo Trucks are pushing the boundaries of what their trucks can do, and their challenge this time is to pull 750 tonnes.

During the stunt, and keeping a close eye on this incredible feat of engineering and power is experienced trucking journalist Brian Weatherley. “That Volvo Trucks has developed an automated gearbox that can haul 325 tonnes gross combination weight is impressive. But tackling more than 700 tonnes GCW with a single regular production truck is really quite amazing. In my 30 years as a trucking journalist I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

The challenge faced by the Volvo Trucks team started early, as they filled 40 containers with Volvo spare parts in the Port of Gothenburg, which was no small job. The containers then sat on 20 trailers to form a 300-metre long road train. The mission was to drive a Volvo FH16 from standstill, while hauling 750 tonnes, and cover a distance of 100 metres.

Volvo trucks 750 tonnes challenge
The Volvo FH16 truck facing the elements

There were many things that could cause problems during the pull, and literally rip apart some of the truck, even before they had to deal with the traction of the tires on the road. You’ll never guess what turned out to be their main concern during the stunt, as it even started to snow!

So, do you think Brian, Magnus and the incredibly powerful Volvo Truck made history by completing this challenge? You can watch the Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes: An extreme heavy haulage challenge in the player below to find out…

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