Steve Shiffman & the Land of No's "Nemegt Uul" EP out Nov. 1st

This summer, Steve Shiffman & the Land of No embarked on a project to release an EP every three months, culminating in a full vinyl album. The first EP, "Death & Love", made the waves and seduced the critics. For many, it was an introduction to the band’s spirited pursuit of vintage songwriting, veritably blurring the lines between lo-fi and classic — "a rough and ragged alt-country workout" that "sits comfortably alongside the best of the genre" (Now Toronto) while also adding some "enjoyable indie guitar rock with some great melodies" (The Deli) that references The Velvet Underground and Big Star. As promised, the band delivers here with the second EP of the series, "Nemegt Uul", which includes a limited release of the song "Never Know What To Say," recorded by Juan Pieczanski.

Steve Shiffman cut his teeth with the local Toronto trio 4-Star Movie before moving to New York City. It was there he met up with bassist Kent Heine and guitarist Alec Ferrell from The Holy Ghost, guitarist Dave Hollinghurst from Chapel Hill pioneers Small 23, and NYC crooner Nicole Atkins. The group started to slowly build buzz as [b]Steve Shiffman & the Land of No[/B+ and developed "one of the best live shows in the business". In 2009, Steve Shiffman & the Land of No released their self-titled debut album on Tiny Beast Records. In 2011, they embarked on a project to release an EP every three months, culminating in a full-length LP to be released on vinyl by Later Records. This concept has been called a “great idea”, adding that “with its gritty music and sincere vocals, SSTLN has essentially turned us all into audible addicts who are craving the next fix." “There’s no denying that this rock group will make a big splash in the alternative indie rock scene once they ultimately release their full-length LP."

The first of these EPs, "Death & Love", came out on July 19th. The second EP, "Nemegt Uul", will be released on November 1st, followed by the third EP on February 7, 2012. Finally, the full-length album will be released on April 24, 2012, and it will include the 9 songs from the previously released EPs as well as additional new tracks. To help execute this aggressive release schedule the group has added new drummer Aaron Kant, who has worked with both Michael Stipe and Patti Smith.

You can stream and download the "Nemegt Uul" EP here: