Rules are sometimes there to be broken. The key here is sometimes. When it comes to your style, there’s a few that you really shouldn’t be breaking.

Some of these have an instant impact on your overall style so don’t forget these ones.

Clothes that don’t fit

This could be the most important style tip to learn. If it doesn’t fit, either ditch it or get it tailored. There’s a big difference between having tight-fitting clothes and being really comfortable. You need to find the right balance.

You want to aim for clothes that fit you well. Even a t-shirt should fit properly, as it all adds to your overall style. Not only do you look better instantly with well-fitting clothes, but you also get the chance to show your true body shape, and all that hard work in the gym pays off.

Get a haircut

Unless you’re growing your hair, waiting months and months to get a fresh cut is pretty intense. If you grow a lot of hair on your neck and even back, you really want to stay on top of the trimming.

Get yourself down to a barber shop to stay on top, as this unclean look can mess up your style. You don’t have to even have a full cut, just a simple trim. You’ll instantly look better.

Every two, to four weeks, is more than acceptable. Once per month at the minimum amount.

Go easy on the colors

Aim for 3-5 different colors that work for you. Anything more and it starts to get really complicated to be able to pick your outfits and not start looking too outlandish.

The last thing you want to do is start to clash your outfit or look too loud. Simplicity and minimalism is the best approach. When there is too much going on, you’re going to look a little too wild.

When to tuck your shirt in

This one is kind of logical. Take a dress shirt for example. If it has a long tail, it should always be tucked in. It was created to be worn that way due to the extra fabric.

Now looking at your other shirts, you see they shouldn’t be stuck due to the length. Not only does it look strange, you’ll find yourself constantly having to push it back in your trousers throughout the day.

Wash some clothes less frequently

This does depend on the clothes in question. Underwear needs washing all the time for sure, but other clothing can be worn twice. The more you wash some clothes, the more they reduce quality due to all the chemicals in the washing liquid. For the most part.

Jeans or denim in particular don’t need washing that often. Unless they’re covered in dirt. High-end raw denim can last months before being washed, no matter how many times you wear them.

Outer layer clothes such as suits also don’t need to be washed so often.

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