The Civil Wars are a magical new band fresh out of Nashville who release their debut UK 7” single ‘Barton Hollow’ independently on their own Sensibility Music label on October 17th. The Civil Wars debut album, also called ‘Barton Hollow’, will be released in the UK early in 2012.

The band is an enigmatic duo comprised of California-to-Nashville transplant Joy Williams and her Alabaman partner, John Paul White. They are a huge DIY success in their homeland having independently sold over 170,000 copies of the ‘Barton Hollow’ album already through touring and word of mouth. The album reached Number 1 on the iTunes chart in the US to widespread critical acclaim for their music and live shows.

The Civil Wars are a raw and unique talent who’s heartbreakingly sparse and beautiful melodies sit perfectly with their two agonisingly restrained individual voices. With flavours of blues, folk, Americana, country and classic singer-songwriter their sound is firmly rooted in the gothic American South.

Accompanied by dark and brooding visuals, the bands imagery continues the intimate conversations and understated sparks of the music. The haunting video for ‘Barton Hollow’ can be seen Here:

The band has just come off of tour with Adele, who personally chose them to support her on both her US and UK tour, saying ‘The Civil Wars are by far the BEST live band I have EVER seen.’

Last night they headlined to a sold out Union Chapel, receiving a standing ovation.

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