Award-winning makers of wireless and digital audio tech Mavin have announced the Air-X.

It’s apparently the first true wireless earbud to last ten hours with one standalone charge, and up to 50 hours with its included charging case.

The buds can charge in ten minutes for one hour of play time, in a super light-weight design that weighs less than 4.5g per earbud.

Air-X also features voice assistant Siri and Google, call audio in both ears, noise reduction tech and built-in Active Noise Cancellation to support clear voice call quality and premium audio experience.

Distance and angle of transmission between the playback devices is no longer an issue as the antenna design provides a long and wide-range signal reception designed to enable highly reliable wireless connection from pocket-to-ear, and ear-to-ear.

The stabilizer and ear tips secure the earbuds in the ear all day wear and hope to provide a comfortable fit.

Air-X is available for $149 USD from November 2018.