The Indicators – taking over in 2012

‘Went to the Wimpy, had a £1.99 but it didn’t fill me up.’

THE INDICATORS are slap-in-the-face, breathe-of-fresh-air, genius, lyrical punk. The three-piece is fronted by Simon D, chip shop worker and son of a bin man. A young man, far removed from the prerequisite ‘trustafarian, Home Counties and well- connected’ credentials associated with ‘punk’ bands these days. Simon D is Jamie T and Mike Skinner wrapped up in chip paper with a few scraps on the side.

With Aaron O’Mara on bass guitar and Richard Mayberry playing drums, THE INDICATORS were formed out of those most basic ingredients which started punk in the first place; boredom, lack of cash & direction and a genuine need to escape. Their songs – a magnificent brand of tragi-comedy – are witty, honest and succinct, encapsulating the dilemmas and minor victories of living in a seaside town in recession-hit 2011.

THE INDICATORS wheeled out their barrow in May this year, with the insanely catchy ‘£1.99’ THE INDICATORS – Home, a two minute celebration of the High Street, which ends with the finest chant of ‘down the pub’ since Sham ‘69s ‘Hurry up Harry’ ! Beyond anyone’s expectation or belief, it picked up great support at Radio One, XFM and the 6Music. The single was backed with two equally superb, tracks, ‘Fashion Accessory’ and the sad, yet hilarious, ‘Drinkin’ On My Own.’

A second single, ‘Simon D’ (MP3 on request), is due out in January 2012, to be followed in April by an album.

All songs are produced by Dave m Allen of Cure, Wire and Depeche Mode fame and are released on new imprint, indelabel, via Republic of Music. THE INDICATORS play at the Monarch in Camden on Tuesday 22 November. A free promo copy of ‘£1.99’ is yours if you turn up in a home made THE INDICATORS t-shirt!

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