This month, the search engine Ecosia and We Love Green festival teamed up to make a pledge to plant 80,000 extra trees in Uganda and Indonesia. That’s one for every person who attended the Parisian music festival.

Not only that, but the eco-friendly music festival has a whole range of things to reduce their impact on the environment. This includes all performers and artists having to match their carbon emissions by funding local biodiversity conservation projects.

Who would have thought you could create a festival that actually stands a chance at doing good for the environment?

This year the whole place was powered by the sun. They rocked a solar farm and something straight out of a sci-fi movie called a hydrogen-powered generator prototype.

They made sure they jumped on the plastic-free bandwagon by providing 100% compostable cutlery and plates, with water being served in reusable bottles from taps and jugs.

Recycling was on point too with extra effort placed on sorting the rubbish to recycle the most they can. Last year (2018) they managed to make 14,000 litres of compost from 74% of the recycled waste.

All the toilets in the festival were free from water, which meant they could save millions of litres of water that is usually flushed away.

To top it all off, the food and drink were sourced locally, with all the lovely organic, veggie, vegan and flexible options available.

We Love Green festival will hopefully return next year even bigger, better, and with even more environmentally friendly ways to enjoy a music festival.

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