The Overtones Release New iPhone and iPad App

Today The Overtones released a new artist app for the iPad and iPhone which includes an innovative competitive viral gaming suite based around their recent single Gambling Man.

Personally produced by the band in conjunction with developers Digital Software House, the app features six games which offer a fresh Overtones-themed take on classic gaming favourites. The aim is to amass as much virtual cash as possible by placing stakes across the six games, five of which have been individually selected and customised by each band member. The games can be played in any order and as many times as the player desires, but be warned – as any Gambling Man knows, a risk too far could see you losing the lot.

When the player wishes to stick with their winnings, their score will be uploaded directly to The Overtones’ official Facebook page where a leader board will list the top scorers. Every month those with the highest scores will receive some very special prizes including dinner with the band.

In addition to the gaming suite, the app also features two exclusive new tracks from the band in the shape of the previously unreleased recording of Beggin’ and a remix of Gambling Man courtesy of The Club Junkies. The app is completed with further content including inter-band video interviews, a Q&A session, high quality photos and all of the latest news updates.

The six featured games are:

Darren’s Slot Machines: A classic five-reel slot machine. Can you match all five members?

Lachie’s Royal Derby: How to make a simulated tap-to-run horse racing game even more fun? Simple! Get Lachie Chapman to commentate.

Mark’s Crazy Maze: The challenge is to guide a ball around a course using the device’s built-in tilt technology. Dodge the traps, collect bonus chips and reach the ultimate jackpot!

Mike’s Treasure Wheel: A quiz game to test both your general knowledge and everything about The Overtones. Spin the treasure wheel to find your score for the question – a correct answer adds that score to your tally, a wrong answer takes it away!

Timmy’s Tiles: An old school puzzle classic: a picture is cut into fifteen squares which the player needs to rearrange in correct order. Want to win big? Then finish quick!

Duplet: A memory game in which the player needs to match the band’s clothing accessories which are hidden under sections of a photo. The quicker the winning, the bigger the winnings!

A five-piece pop group, comprising of Mark Franks, Mike Crawshaw, Darren Everest, Timmy Matley and Lachie Chapman, The Overtones are one of the biggest breakthrough bands of 2011. Their top 5 debut album Good Ol’ Fashioned Love is already certified platinum and is the 5th biggest selling debut album from a UK artist this year.

To coincide with their extensive autumn tour, The Overtones will release the Platinum Edition of Good Ol’ Fashioned Love. In addition to the twelve songs from the original album, the Platinum Edition has three brand new songs including their new single Second Last Chance.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Love – Platinum Edition and Second Last Chance are released on October 10th.