There’s so much advice rolling around on the internet about the best way to deal with your skin. It’s all very confusing and some of the methods are a little wild and take up so much time.

Having clear, glowing skin makes your more confident, you look healthier and by taking the time out to look after your skin, you’ll age gracefully.

Here are some of the best ways to look after the biggest external organ on your body. Most of these are free, they work pretty much overnight, and they’re super easy to do.


It’s time to just sit back and take a chill pill. Not literally a pill, but just take a moment to yourself. Stress and anxiety increase your hormones, that pumps up your oil production. More oil means whiteheads and clogged pores.

If you feel yourself getting stressed, try and work out a way that’s best for you to just calm down, and take life a little less seriously. Your body will thank you for it.

Face mask

If you have time, this is a great relaxation exercise and cleans everything up. Most of the time you can make your own natural face mask with ingredients in your house. Apply for 20-30 mins, once per month and you’ll have extra clear extra soft skin.

Go natural

Always look for products with natural ingredients. If you can, find products with little ingredients as possible. if you can’t pronounce most of the stuff that’s in your skin product,s then it’s probably not going to be good for you.

Prevention is the best road to clear skin, and natural products deal with any upcoming issues in the best way. And as much as it’s nice to have awesome smelling skin, it’s best to avoid anything with fragrance or scent. The nicer smelling, the more likely that they have harsh chemicals in that don’t belong near your skin.

Face washing technique

Everyone has their way, but a good practice is to start with warm water, which will open up your pores. You can then use a skin brush that can get into all the right parts and clean everything out. Dirt, oil, and grime need to lift easily out the skin without causing any harm. So warm, not boiling hot, but warm water works a charm.

Once you’re all clean, switch to cold water to rinse everything off. This tightens your skin, closes up the newly cleaned pores and gives your face an unbeatable glow. With your pores clean and closed, it’s much harder for dirt to get in and spoil all the hard work you put in.

Professional help

If your skin just isn’t clearing up after trying everything, you may need to find a dermatologist. There may be some more underlying issues, such as diet, genetics and even where you’re living.

It’s always safe to find someone you may trust and that understands your situation. In most cases, you can find your way and try a variety of things to help.

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