The Social Network Demon

Last night after a long day in London I watched hundreds of people walking past. A horrible thought occurred to me. I thought “Every single person I have just walked by will have a 99.9% chance of owning a social networking account of some description.”(obviously in my head I don’t think about things in such a posh manner) Whats more, well over 70% of them will be using Facebook. Now these figures have absolutely no back up and evidence, but by the way things are going I just hit this as a ball park figure.

Now doesn’t that scare you? It does me. How many nights out have you had where someone has taken a photo and you think “that’s definitely going on Facebook tomorrow”. Or the people having discussions about what they have posted on each others profiles??!?? Whats the point? If your close enough then just text or ring or whatever. Not publicly post on their wall just so everyone can see what they are up to. This then treads on the voyuerism of it all. There is privacy obviously, but how many people sign in on work computers, lost laptops, friends computers….all leaving their accounts clear for the eye to see. Horrible thought isn’t it. It becomes an obsession to some people.

Status updates – these have been a long pet hate of mine. If you have something good to say, then say it, thats fine. But not five million times per day. If anything its so time consuming trying to keep up with the whole lot. Then there is the tagging, the poking, the games, the virtual farms, the sheep, the pillows the super pokes….the list is endless of useless rubbish. And this is just within Facebook.

So, this morning I went through and deleted all my accounts. I feel clean, like a social network virgin again. Free from all the emails, the updates, the time wasted flicking through profiles thinking “what the hell am I doing”.

Facebook – Deleted
Myspace – Deleted (Apart from music myspace
Twitter – Deleted
Bebo – Deleted
Linkedin – Deleted
Model Mayhem – Deleted
Purevolume – Deleted

That feels amazing.

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