The Super Happy Fun Club – New album + UK Tour w/ Madina Lake, My Passion

15 years of friendship, gigs and parties have culminated in ‘The Super Happy Fun Club’ and their infectious, triumphant new record Go Fun Yourself. A lifetime spent in and around Chicago, and spawned from the same scene that brought the world Fall Out Boy, The Audition and The Academy Is…, has produced a sound informed by the city and the scene the guys grew up in. Intent on having as much fun as possible, the band’s outlook on life has spilled over into their music and has contributed to the feel good, upbeat rock record that will make you want to do exactly as the album title tells suggests… and Go Fun Yourself.

This November, the band hit the road with none other than Madina Lake for a full tour of Europe including the 10 dates in the UK. Their new record Go Fun Yourself will be released on November 7th through THROOP Records.

Stubhy (lead vocals), Brad (guitar/vocals), Phil (guitar), Pat (keyboard/vocals), Jeremy (bass) and Chris (drums) launched the album in the states on June 4th, in front of a packed house in Chicago and they cannot wait to do the same in Europe. Speaking about their European tour, guitarist Phil Kosch said:

"When our good friends Madina Lake asked us to join the tour, we jumped on the opportunity. In the US, its not often you get asked to do a tour like this. So we are all super excited about going out and meeting our European fans, and really looking forward to the chance to introduce our debut record GO FUN YOURSELF. As the days to Europe countdown, the excitement in our camp continues to build. We can’t wait to see how GO FUN YOURSELF goes down overseas. Seriously, I think Pat is ready to swim across the ocean right now. November can’t come soon enough.”

The Super Happy Fun Club are a group of friends that have lived and breathed the scene for the most of their lives. The band’s members have immersed themselves in everything from production for artists, design and recording, and have collectively toured with Plain White T’s, Yellowcard, Bowling For Soup, and Jack’s Mannequin. Vocalist Stubhy comes from the popular US band Lucky Boys Confusion, guitarist Phil Kosch’s last band were signed to the label that was owned by Andrew McMahon (singer of something corporate / jack’s mannequin) and pianist Pat Gilroy featured on the last Plain White T’s record, Big Bad World.

Now, for the first time, the UK and Europe will experience the wealth of talent that TSHFC possess. And it’s about time too.

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