There are a few rules to live by when it comes to good style. And many of us guys have no clue where to start.

Some may not be as obvious as not wearing sandals with white socks. So here are some of the top ways men dress wrong and some easy fixes.

Rolling up your sleeves

You’ve gone to all that trouble to grab a crisp shirt that fits perfectly. You look awesome, but you get busy through the day and decide that rolling your sleeves up is a good idea.

It does take the pressure off for sure, however, your sleeves can start rolling down during the day which can look messy and you have to roll them up every five mins.

There’s another way to roll that can look at lot smarter. Simply unbutton your shirt, roll the sleeve up and just past the elbow, and then roll one more time.

The sleeve will stay snug around the forearm, it’ll feel more comfortable and you’ll look much neater.

Not wearing a watch

An empty wrist is a missed opportunity to improve your style. You can wear really simple clothes, with no branding or graphics and lift your whole look with a simple watch on your wrist.

It’s a really easy way to enhance your look. There are so many cool watches available for a decent price. This is something you can always wear, and make yourself look good effortlessly.

Tucking in that shirt properly

We weren’t ever really told how to tuck in a shirt as a man. You’re told to do it all the time when you were younger, but now looking smart with a tucked in shirt is a puzzle.

Falling into the trap of tucking, pulling up and out a little with the slack and pushing back down leaves a dreaded muffin-top vibe. It may be that you feel a little uncomfortable that it’s too tight. But that may mean your shirt is the wrong fit. Doing this adds more visual pounds to your shape.

It’s an easy fix. Try the military tuck. Grab the excess fabric on both sides of the shirt, fold back, tuck in smoothly and you’ll completely change your look. Additionally, you could add a simple belt, as long as it matches the outfit.

Sockless look

This one is a tricky one. You want to get the sockless look, and you don’t wear any. This causes all kinds of problems. Stinky, sweaty feet, blisters and it can destroy your shoes.

The second option is to buy trainer socks, but most of the time you can still see them above your shoes.

To fix this option and get the best look and keep your feet healthy is to grab some invisible or no-show socks. These are discreet, affordable socks to achieve the sockless look.

Always wearing trainers

Trainers are amazing. But if you’re only wearing sneakers all the time you’re limiting your style. There are so many other style shoes that can lift an outfit and make you feel good. Boots, loafers, and smarter shoes enhance a man’s style.

Wearing shades inside

You may think it looks cool, but you look like a tool. Unless you have a serious medical condition that requires shades inside, then you shouldn’t be wearing them when the sun is not around.

The clue is in the name. You wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the damage that the sun can cause. If you’re inside, you’re more than likely not being hammered by the harmful stuff.

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