The 5 am, 4 am productivity club has been growing in popularity for the last few years. Some maniacs wake up at this time to get more done. The popularity of side hustles, entrepreneurship, and making the most of each day all tie into this new mentality.

It may seem crazy to some, however, it’s actually got so many benefits, that you can’t really argue with them. Even if you’re not thinking of setting up your business, or trying to get extra ripped for the summer, waking up earlier just seems to be a better way to live. Plus, more hours in the day to do things that actually matter, and make you feel better can’t harm anyone right?

Here are some of the benefits that you may experience when you set your alarm a little earlier.

You’re one step ahead

Getting up earlier is such a positive start to your day. It means you’re one step ahead of all the other people still in bed. Especially if you’re someone grabbing the day by the balls and getting on stuff with the moment you wake.

This time in the morning is for you. To do whatever you want. There’s less distraction, less noise, and time to focus on the things most important to you.

More creativity and deep thinking

The late-night hours are usually spent by winding down from the day or indulging in simple pleasures like video games, drinking with friends or binge watching shows.

Cutting back on these to be able to wake earlier can open your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. The quiet times in the morning when nothing has happened through the day to freak you out opens up your mind to more creativity.

Feel more accomplished

How does it feel to cross important tasks off your to-do list? Real good. And smashing a few of these first thing before anyone is awake adds an extra good vibe to your day.

You won’t be rushing around trying to get everything ready for the day getting yourself into a negative mindset even before you leave the door.

A little more time in the morning can really change the day. Less stress is fundamentally the best thing you can do for yourself.

Stop wasting time at night

Coming home after work, sticking the tv on, watching something pointless. Sound familiar? It’s nice to treat yourself to a chilled evening, but how many times do you do this, and you don’t feel good after.

It feels like you’re wasting a lot of time. Then you probably go to bed, pick up your phone and look at the latest fun activities on social media feeds. It’s half an hour later and you’ve spent mindless time looking at rubbish.

These chain of events are connected, and when you’re waking earlier, your body and mind want to wind down and get to bed earlier. It’s all about balance and doing what makes you feel good.

By going to bed earlier, you feel better when you wake earlier, then you get more done, and feel more positive and give yourself more meaning in your life.

Build character and determination

Waking each day real early sucks. Really sucks. Your body and mind are fighting for you to keep your eyes closed and jump back into the warm sheets.

The path of least resistance is beautiful, but, it gets you nowhere. Fighting laziness, forcing yourself to achieve something that sucks the moment your eyes open builds true character and discipline.

It takes time, and it really is uncomfortable. When you look at it from the other side, you’ll soon see that these are stepping stones into all corners of your life. If you can do this, then you can do anything.

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