Earlier this year saw the tantalising emergence of brand new material from London quartet Trailer Trash Tracys, in the form of the twinkling, cosmic odyssey of “Dies in 55”, and the mesmeric, spiralling “Engelhardt’s Arizona”. Now the band are coming full circle and releasing the tracks which brought them so much attention in the first place, with beautifully revamped, completely brand new versions of “Candy Girl” and “Strangling Good Guys” (DS054D) on Monday the 9th of January 2012.

Listen to “Candy Girl” HERE and “Strangling Good Guys” HERE.

“Candy Girl” retains the shivering atmospherics and haunted beauty of the original version, but amplifies the sense of tension and fragility, making it sound more potent than ever before. From the crashing drum intro to vocalist Suzanne Aztoria’s angel breath vocals and Jimmy Lee’s dramatically plucked guitar notes, it is the sound of 50’s pop, Lynchian melodrama and My Bloody Valentine’s dissonance combined and turned inside out to form its own animal entirely. “Strangling Good Guys”, on the other hand, has been stripped of its fuzz completely and is revealed as what it has been all along – a gloriously soaring skyscraper of a pop song, as simple as it is anthemic, enduring as it is instantly addictive. Together, they form a gorgeous double A-side of a single, and whets the appetite all the more for their forthcoming debut LP “Ester”, released in January on Double Six.


Candy Girl AA Strangling Good Guys

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