Can you think of anything more manly than beating the crap out of someone? Maybe sitting on the sofa watching porn, drinking a beer and ordering a curry might tick all the boxes in your man-checklist, yet there is nothing more caveman-like than a good old bloody battle.

Hands down, the UFC has become one of the most exciting, frightening and bloody sports known to man, and what better way to vent your anger than to play as one of your favourite fighters in the new action-packed UFC Undisputed 3. Not only that, you can create your own players and build them up through the ranks in the fighting world.

Fancy yourself as the next Ultimate Fighter, but can’t really be arsed to get down the local gym to fix up the “bought and paid for” beerbelly? The easiest way is to create your own player (with matching beer belly if needed) to look just like you and build them up right from the bottom. You train, you fight, you run, you punch, you do it all to create your own little UFC avatar. With several different game modes to play with, you’re not short of options when playing UFC Undisputed 3.

The gameplay is fantastic, with easy-to-learn controls that won’t leave your controller looking like Chornobyl. The injuries that appear on fighters are absolutely spot on – depending on where they are hit, or how hard they have been hit, the injury will appear differently. For example: Kick the opponent in the side a few times on one side and it starts to bruise (obviously a good tactic for grinding the opponent down).

The fighters are so realistic, you can’t help but feel a tad bit sorry for them after smashing the living daylights out of them. The worst part is after the knockout – you can jump on them and give them an extra smack just for a laugh. The referee obviously jumps in at this time, but you can have your sadistic fun while it lasts.

Each fighter has their own strengths and weaknesses. Once you find these you, can use these to your advantage and create a more tactical approach to the fight. You learn how your fighter works through the training and how you can improve. You know where your weakness lies, and you know how to round-house kick the opponent’s front tooth onto the Octagon matting. It’s just super fun.

The only frustration surrounding the game is loading times and cut scenes in-between the fights. After several replays of a fight after being knocked out in the first 30 seconds – watching the entrance and announcements (including one of those chicks that holds the board with the round number on and walks to the camera) becomes frustrating.

There are pretty much no limits to what you can achieve with UFC Undisputed 3, unless you have a couple of years solidly playing the game for 12 hours a day that is. You want to find games that capture the very essence of the subject, and keep you interested, keep things fresh so to speak. UFC Undisputed 3 does just that, it keeps your heart pumping and your eyes glazed for the Ultimate Flipping Cracker of a game.

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