Video for "Judas" single by The Shimmies to feature at LA Film + Music Weekend.

Video for “Judas” single by The Shimmies to feature at LA Film + Music Weekend.
Brandon Vedder (Pearl Jam, Sleater-Kinney) directed clip is first from band’s debut album.
The Shimmies (L-R): Jimmy Galloway, Stephen Galloway, Sean Galloway, Jack Gingerich. Photo: Des James.
“Judas” is the first single and video from To All Beloved Enemies by The Shimmies
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The Shimmies In The Press
“I have not heard such a powerful rock album since The [Flaming] Lips came out with The Soft Bulletin.” – Zaptown Mag
To All Beloved Enemies is without a doubt the best album of 2010.” – Enter The Shell
“…The Shimmies sound almost unstoppable.” – Exclaim! Magazine
About The Shimmies
Northern California band The Shimmies has received some rightful praise for its debut album To All Beloved Enemies and now the album’s first single “Judas” (MP3 | VIDEO) has an equally praiseworthy video to go along with it.  Directed by Brandon Vedder, who has previously helmed clips for Pearl Jam and Sleater-Kinney among others, the seven-minute clip for “Judas” will be featured at this weekend’s LA Film + Music Weekend in Beverly Hills.  Watch the “Judas” video now at this link:
Still maturing from a childhood project that combined brothers Sean and Jimmy Galloway’s first names, The Shimmies has created a self-appointed genre for itself, lovingly referred to as “home school rock.” Much in the way a home schooled child’s take on a book may have less to do with the collective opinion of their peers, so does The Shimmies’ take on pop music stand apart from the collective pretense of our generation.
The Galloway brothers started out in the late 90’s as an acoustic two piece, and before that as kids trying to perfect difficult harmonies by panning Simon and Garfunkel’s Wednesday Morning 3AM on their small cassette deck boom box. They’ve since plugged in and added younger brother Stephen on bass and long time friend Jack Gingerich on drums. The Shimmies’ music has come a long way since the band’s inception, but its defining characteristic remains angelic harmonies from its two front men, vocals that give The Shimmies a truly magical quality that garners sonic comparisons to the likes of Band of Horses, Jeff Buckley, and Sigur Ros.
The Shimmies
To All Beloved Enemies
(S/R, Out Now)
Track Listing:
01. The Thing That Seems The Hardest Is Actually The Easiest
02. Lies
03. Un Fantome
04. My Heroine
05. Charlotte
06. Love Holiday
07. I Am As Small As…
08. Judas (MP3 | VIDEO)
09. Beloved Enemies
10. The Mountains Are Steep The Mountains Are Cold
11. Marnie
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