This gig flew by so quickly, and that’s a good thing. The Preston based indie four piece got off to a great start with what I assumed was the intro to their set, rather than an actual song. The intro was different, progressive and catchy, then they started playing actual songs. This set was like a sandwich with no filling. As the end song/outro was brilliant.

A lot of the songs sounded like theme tunes for children’s television series and the only emotion I could get from this set was laughter. I found myself asking, ‘Are they serious?’. The only way to accurately describe Team Waterpolo’s music is Pop music for children. I guess it’s extremely lucky that a lot of venues are now allowing 14+ gigs as this is blatantly Team Water Polo’s target market. The on-stage performance was very good and the harmonies and musicianship were very tight. Maybe Team Waterpolo just lack the so called X-factor?

The venue was quiet, better than their last set though according to lead singer Fred Davis where they found themselves playing to four people last time they ventured onto the Nottingham circuit. Team Waterpolo have played with some well-established artists but for me they are far from ready to headline their own tour. The potential is there, they just are not using it to the fullest.

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