Weight Watchers® set to Turn Heads With new TV Ad

Weight Watchers UK has joined forces with Alesha Dixon to create a pop anthem which puts members’ weight loss success centre stage.

The song, which plays out for the duration of the three minute TV ad, marries members’ weight loss insights, all of whom have successfully lost weight on the Weight Watchers ProPoints® plan and is performed by Alesha Dixon to create an uplifting anthem of confidence and self expression.

One hundred and eighty Weight Watchers members feature in the pop video style ad, in which Alesha plays a cameo role.  Alesha Dixon says: “These women and men are the real stars of the show. We heard their stories and used their words and emotions to create a vibrant musical expression of personal triumph and success. These people are a true inspiration.”

All the members who lip synch the song lyrics express their own personal stories, which add an authentic emotion to their performances.

For example Amee, aged 31 from Coventry who has lost 1 stone 11 pounds with Weight Watchers sings: I used to be so boring, staying in bed all morning. No longer Im the one whose letting me down. Now Im proud and stepping out of the house.

Sarah-Anne, aged 31 from Kent who lost 1stone 4 pounds with Weight Watchers sings: My life revolved around TV. Easier to be someone than be me. Now I know what I want out of life. In bright colours so my body cant hide.  

Every single Weight Watchers member who appeared in the ad agreed that they would never have had the confidence to do this before they had lost weight.

Emma Hawkins, aged 41 from Port Talbot who lost over 29 pounds with Weight Watchers said about her involvement in the ad I used to avoid the camera but now I feel fabulous in front of it.  I cant believe Im starring in a pop video with Alesha!  What a difference a year makes!

Weight Watchers’ biggest ever ad campaign launches on national TV on 1st January.

The song entitled ‘Do It Our Way (Play)’ by Alesha Dixon is available to download from iTunes from 1st January 2012.

Andrew Knight, Senior Vice President, Weight Watchers UK says: This ad marks the beginning of a new loud, proud and playful Weight Watchers brand campaign. It blends our members real life stories and experiences about what losing weight means to them with Aleshas big personality and voice. Its the biggest expression of weight loss success weve ever delivered.

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