Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 3: Yanks Vs Limeys (Oh…and 1 Kraut)

This iTunes exclusive release features not only tracks from the current crop of established and emerging acts from the Xtra Mile stable but also some new found friends from the other side of the pond – plus one German! 26 songs long, it showcases everything the label has to offer featuring a wealth of exclusive recordings, re-worked versions of old favourites and previously unreleased tracks. It includes a brand new, never heard before version of Frank Turner’s song ‘Redemption’ from his recent Top 12 album England Keep My Bones; sneak previews of forthcoming albums from Mull Historical Society, Dave Hause (The Loved Ones) and new signing Gameday Regulars plus fantastic musical nuggets from Jim Ward (ex At The Drive-in, Sparta), Crazy Arm, Franz Nicolay (ex-The Hold Steady), Chris T-T, The Xcerts, Sophie Madeleine and Xtra Mile’s very own superhero metallers; the mighty Justice Force 5.

If you would like to have a sneak preview of the music on offer, you can stream a selection of the tracks ahead of the release and pre-order the compilation (in practically any file high quality file format you desire) direct from Xtra Mile (Xtra Mile Recordings). Or stream the entire compilation NOW for FREE over on our Facebook page (Xtra Mile Recordings | Facebook) simply by ‘Like’ing the page and heading to the ‘BandPage’ app in the left hand menu.

In this, the third instalment of the Xtra Mile High Club series, it proudly shows off the breadth of talent on its eclectic roster. Welcome to the club…

**Political correctness disclaimer**
All approval has been sought for the use of the slang terms ‘yank’ and ‘limey’ plus it was the German himself Ghost Of A Chance, that suggested we call him ‘kraut’.

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1. Dave Hause – ‘Resolutions’
2. Sucioperro – ‘Chemicals’
3. Franz Nicolay – ‘This Is Not A Pipe’
4. Gameday Regulars ‘Smoke Jumpers’
5. The Retrospective Soundtrack Players – ‘Send Me The Hell Back Home’
6. Andrew Jackson Jihad – ‘American Tune’
7. Jim Ward – ‘Broken Songs’
8. Ben Marwood – ‘We Are No Longer Twenty-Five
9. The Worldonfire – ‘Small Town Violence Is Big Business’
10. Frank Turner – ‘Redemption’ (Acoustic)
11. Fighting Fiction – ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Dead And It’s Corpse Is for Sale
12. Chris T-T – ‘Hole Full Of Submarines’
13. INTO IT. OVER IT – ‘The Bullied Becomes The Bully’
14. Crazy Arm ‘Ambertown’
15. Ghost Of A Chance – ‘Live A Little’
16. The Xcerts – ‘Tear Me Down’
17. StringerBessant – ‘Self Is Here’
18. Mull Historical Society – ‘Not Today’
19. Sophie Madeleine – ‘Oil & Gold’
20. Dive Dive – ‘Mr 10%
21. Jon Snodgrass – ‘Weighing In On St. Michael’
22. Stereo Decade – ‘Abroad’
23. Beans On Toast – ‘Tour Blog’
24. Cheap Girls – ‘Cored To Empty’
25. Joey Cape’s Bad Loud – ‘OKAY’
26. The Justice Force 5 – ‘Here Comes The Robot’

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