A-Moms = Algebra Mothers “Nuns In Chains” Live at Bookies 1978

Live performance of “Nuns in Chains” at Bookies in Detroit in October 1978.

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The A-Moms/Algebra Mothers were formed by four like-minded misfits/artists/musicians/friends (Gerald Collins, Ralph Valdez, Diana Balton and Kirsten Rogoff) from Detroit’s Cass Tech High School. They made their professional debut in 1977, and in 1979 they released the weirdly incredible “Strawberry Cheesecake” b/w “Modern Noise” 7” on their own Aftertaste Records (TMR reissue imminent). They played around Detroit and the country with everyone from Destroy All Monsters and Sonic’s Rendezvous Band to Pere Ubu until 1984. Several decades later Third Man Records contacted “head Mothers” Gerald Collins (Jeecy and The Jungle) and Ralph Valdez (former WDET Disc Jockey) and discovered they were sitting on at least an LP’s worth of home studio demos and live recordings.

From that discovery, Third Man Records presents “A-Moms = Algebra Mothers” LP — 14 never before heard tracks recorded between 1977-1984 in various home studios and clubs. It will be their first release in nearly 40 years and only their second release ever.