We’re a digital men’s sustainable fashion and lifestyle magazine based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Spotlighting brands with a sustainable approach, this publication aims to inspire men to make more informed decisions about the products and brands they invest in to hopefully make a positive impact on the world.

The long term mission

Help men make fashion and lifestyle choices without causing unnecessary harm to others.

What content to expect

Digital Warble is a must-read magazine for everyone interested in well-researched stories about the people and brands trying to make a difference in the world and thinking of the environment first.

The information you find online about men’s sustainable fashion and men’s lifestyle is in most cases just copied from somewhere else. The articles you’ll read or the influencers you watch rarely back up their claims.

Our changing natural environment is one of the most crucial issues this generation faces, yet men’s lifestyle media still seems to push information and consumerism which may be having a negative impact on the environment.

Digital Warble hopes to fill the void and dive deeper into many topics around men’s fashion and lifestyle so we can make better decisions every day.

We’re learning every day and we have plans to move towards carbon-neutral servers to run the site on, as well as 1% for the planet on any earnings in the future.

Credit where credit is due

All images, videos, audio, and visuals are copyrighted by the respective authors.

How you can get involved

As an independent website, it takes a lot out of our time and pocket to keep this ship sailing and the new content coming in.

A like and share is all we need to stay happy. So if you have a social media account it would be awesome to see the pages of Digital Warble being spread as wide as we can reach.

Contact us

The best way to get in contact with us is to run an email over to info@digitalwarble.com. You can also contact us via our social media channels.