There are cravings that some people need to fix. One such craving seems to be for some lovely little fish eggs. Pretty gross, however Berlin-based start-up Deli-Caviar Ltd. has been developing its business idea for vegan caviar since 2016.

This replacement for caviar seems like a wise move as at one point in time fishermen would grab beluga sturgeon out of the Black and Caspian seas. They would then cut out the “roe sacks” that held their eggs. Then throw the fish back in to die. Sturgeon, as a result, became critically endangered.

Now with multiple bans in place, there are still sturgeon farms around the world used to extract the eggs. There are questions around the ethical practices of this process, as many farms harvest the eggs as well as the flesh of the fish. Yet others extract the eggs while the fish are still alive.

Deli-Caviar started production in April 2019 using only the best and highest quality ingredients. This particular caviar can be used to make a variety of creative dishes including salads, ice cream, and even cocktails. The vegan caviar comes in flavours such as Rose Water Caviar and Orange Blossom Water Caviar.

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