IKEA has launched the Beyond Burger in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and Amersfoort stores. This is fantastic news for us hungry plant-based shoppers. Expect a cheeky Beyond Burger with tomato, red onion and lettuce, alongside a side of fries and sauce for €7.90.

This new vegan move is all part of IKEA’s goal to help the planet and reduce their negative output by 2030. They even launched vegan meatballs that apparently look and taste just like their iconic meaty balls, add to that vegan ice-cream, plant-based caviar and a veggie hot dog.

Not only are they making their food choices more diverse, but they’re also on a mission to reduce plastic by removing single-use plastic products from its stores and restaurants by 2020.

IKEA’s sustainability efforts are really to be admired by other companies. And, this seems just like the start of even more amazing eco-conscious things to come.

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