We all have some issues with our skin. They may be small, they may be large, but there are some imperfections that can cause us some irritations. Most of the time these are just things we have grown up with and didn’t have a choice.

Yet we all want the perfect skin or at least healthy-looking skin. Good news is that some of the below daily habits may be making things a little bit worse. Check them out and see if you can make any changes to your daily habits and give you some potential morning routine ideas.

Super hot showers

Sorry to say, but I’m a sucker for these too. Boiling hot showers in the morning are one of the nicest things to wake up to. It’s the old adage that too much of a good thing can only lead to bad things. So the daily habit of hot showers can be detrimental to your skin. It can cause your skin to become quite dry if you’re not using extra products or moisturising.

You may even find that you end up with rashes and cracking skin, which isn’t good, or fun. In the long run, it can weaken your skin and make it more susceptible to damage. And may end up with permanent damaging.

Too much caffeine

A cup of coffee or tea now and again doesn’t directly relate to skin problems. However, it is associated with so many things like insomnia, restlessness, frequent urination or inability to control urination etc, which all make an impact. As you know, caffeine wakes you up and depending on how you react to it, should make you feel more alert.

At the same time, it leads your body into a heightened stress response. At this state, certain stress hormones like cortisol tend to rise, which then can cause your body to overproduce extra oils. Leading to a more intense breakout. Keep an eye on your caffeine as there can be a few negative effects associated.

Touching your face all the time

Pretty much everyone does this. And it’s really weird when you actually pay attention to it. Our hands are instruments for our daily activities, and with that, usually means you’ll come into contact with doors, stairs, floors in some random cases.

All these places contain wonderful germs. Your hands already have bacteria on them, so add to that some more random people germ soup and you have some serious gross instruments at the end of your arms.

Touching your face with these germ-ridden meat paws can lead to infections, clogging of your paws, and more than likely adding some extra spots to your complexion.

Not washing your face enough

This one is tough to get into the pattern of doing, but if you feel like you’ve been in an area or situation where you’ve probably gotten a little grubby, then it’s best to take your facial cleaning to a more regular schedule. Morning and nightly washes are perfect.

Washing your face more regularly, especially if your workout is only a good thing. When you’re working out or doing any strenuous exercise, your body is pushing out all the impurities from the inside of your body, outwards.

This comes out as dirty sweat. Mix this with all the natural bacteria and oils on your face can cause extra damage to your skin. So even if you have showered recently, make sure you’re giving your face another scrub after your workout.

Drinking too much booze

I hate to have to type this one, but booze is just not fun for your skin. Alcohol really mashes up your hydration. It strips your body of so much water. And yeah you guessed it, your skin is part of your body and is the largest organ. Surprise, surprise.

Drinking too much, which is debatable how much “too much” is, can deprive your body of nutrients and all the good stuff that combines to cause permanent damage over time. We all know heavy drinking is fundamentally bad for our health, so maybe take one for the team a few times to save your skin.

Sleep is one of the most important daily habits

The more and more I write and research about general wellbeing and become a more functional human, the more times sleep comes back. Now there is no formula that fits every single person, as you need to find what works for you.

Sleeping under a certain amount of hours every night consistently (let’s say under 7 hours), can’t be good for you. Everything suffers, including your skin. And you can see it quite quickly in your face if you’ve had a few sleepless nights. Smashing your nightly target of sleep helps you feel refreshed, and hopefully in return makes your skin refreshed.

Sleeping on the same dirty pillow sheets

Something you don’t think about right? You change your underwear every day (hopefully), and most of your clothes, but sleeping with your face on a pillow each night doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

As mentioned before, your face is full of dirty bacteria and oils. Not only that, but your hair and scalp have a bunch of shit going on too to leak into the pillow and sheet. Each time you lay your head on the pillowcase, you’re transferring all that wonderful juice into it. Pretty gross right?

A good rule of thumb is to try and change at least once per week. This also depends if you have had a particularly sweaty night, or you’ve maybe had a few times during the week where you may have been a little more sweaty. If you get what I’m saying.

Don’t forget this one, as per week, if you are getting in your hours, let’s say 8 per night, that’s 56 hours of sweaty-bacteria-pillow action per week. What do you think? Quite a few hours right…

These are just a few daily habits that may be bad for your skin. See if you can make any subtle changes to your life to stay looking fresh.

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