When you’re grabbing your regular hot tasty beverage at Starbucks it’s really easy for forget the impact you may be making on the daily. Don’t worry, it happens to us all and there are a few things you can do just to be a little more mindful before entering the “starbeezy” to become more sustainable at Starbucks.

Walk or bike to Starbucks instead of driving

It’s pretty simple and obvious but instead of using a car if your Starbucks is close enough to get to then why not walk or bike instead. Not only will you be exercising and saving some extra cash, but all the emissions that your car puts out on smaller journeys really add up. It’s a fast, simple, and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint during your morning routine.

Take a reusable bag for your Starbucks takeaway food

If you’re getting a muffin or something pastry related, why not take a pastry bag with you. So rather than getting a paper bag every time in the morning, and then just throwing them away, you can get a small canvas bag for super cheap. Take that with you and wash after each use.

Get some stainless steel straws and cutlery

Taking your own cutlery and straws into a Starbucks, or carrying them with you wherever you go is a really smart idea. There are billions of plastic straws thrown away, with a ton ending up in our oceans as tiny particles.

The terrifying thing is that plastic doesn’t really go away. Every bit of plastic that has been created, is still here, lurking around making us feel terrible. And, doing way more harm than good. So stocking up on a good set of reusable utensils can make you feel a little less of a terrible person.

Take your own cup and get a discount

You also don’t even need to use a Starbucks own brand reusable cup. Plus, Starbucks do offer a discount when you bring your own cup. It’s only a small amount, but if you’re a regular coffee junky then a little goes a long way. It’s a super quick and convenient way to save a little.

Get a mobile receipt to use less paper

Sometimes you may need the receipt. And instead of getting the paper version, opt for a digital version instead. You can use the Starbucks app to see your orders and transactions rather than using up paper and ink.

Hopefully, these are a few things to help you be more sustainable at Starbucks. If you have any others to add, feel free to leave a comment below.

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