You’ll already know. There aren’t shortcuts for getting a six-pack, or losing weight overnight and ultimately having a healthy body. These things take time, discipline and focus.

Far too many of us are focusing on the quick gains. We’re too short-sighted. Although, there are some ways we can be smarter with our time to get closer to our goals.

So in this post, we’ll share the coolest life hacks to can implement to get in shape, quicker than you thought possible.

Slow and control

Good things really do come to those who lift weights. And people who lift weights with a negative ego, usually get injured. So, unfortunately, you’ve got to put your mind somewhere else, and not focus on the ego that’s poking its little head in front of your mind.

When going into the gym and start lifting the heaviest weights possible, you’re probably going to have terrible form. Most of the time you’re probably not putting your muscles under the correct tension.

The best way to do this to build strength over time is to really slow down your movements and really control them. Really think about the muscles you’re trying to work. Focus on that, not your ego.

Not only will you see better results, but you’ll also be less likely to get injured, or have to spend time and money undoing the damage you make now with a physio.

Just eat more vegetables

It’s really surprising when people want to get into their best shape that they don’t actually spend a little time finding out the types of food per week they’re eating.

Once you start to make a note of what you’re shoving in your face, you quickly realise that you’re probably doing something wrong. Or you have picked up a bad habit somewhere.

When you’re eating to fuel your body and mind with the types of foods that are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, you don’t need to worry about how much you’re eating.

These types of foods, and we’re talking mainly here about vegetables, are easy for your body to break down. This means you can eat much more than you usually think you would.

Try to maintain your posture

Super tough if you work a desk job, yet this is so important. It helps in so many ways, including a simple way to build up your core strength.

Spending hours behind a desk, and walking around with a hunch, makes you develop a very unattractive body shape. This can also really impact your training.

With an offkey posture and weak core, you’re likely to have to spend twice as long correcting the damage when you’ve been lifting in the gym with a tragic posture.

Try to keep reminding yourself throughout the day to sit a little bit further upright, and stretch out your arms whenever you can.

Go easy on the supplements

Supplementation is really made for athletes when it comes to fitness. Most of the time the extra supplementation you’re consuming is probably having no effect on your body unless you’re not eating enough.

So many of these supplement companies put bullshit into lotions and potions too. In the long run, these can’t be good for you if they aren’t natural.

If you do require extra supplementation, make sure you opt for natural, chemical and animal-free. In the same way, the food can be broken down by your body easily, these natural supplements can be used more easily.

By taking some time to work out what your body actually needs, you can save a bunch of time and money in the process.

Make sure you get your sleep

It sounds so simple, and it’s probably one of the most important tips for general health and fitness. Working out is important, and the recovery is even more so.

Better recovery, and a more rested mind and body can help prevent so many negative things. Hitting your muscles over and over again without the recovery time can have a huge negative impact on your body.

Rest up and take your time. If you don’t slow down a little, something may snap. You then won’t be able to train either at all, or as well as you were doing before.

So how does your fitness routine hold up? Have you spent that time looking at what you’re eating and getting enough rest?

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