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Created by
Dave Hughes

“Big Bounce” footage
supplied by Prelinger Archives

“Think Globally, Act Locally”
short film by
William Lamson

“Quick Canal (ft. Laetita Sadier)”
song by Atlas Sound
Kranky Records 2010

original animation by
Dax Norman

“Digestive System”
original animation by
Flix Productions Medical Animation

“The Huber Experiments Vol. 1”
short film by
Erik and Matthew Huber
with music by Brain Slusher

by Longmont Potion Castle
D.U. Records

“Unaspeckles” image by
R. Land

Stock footage and photos
supplied by iStock

“The Flying Nun”
song by 9 Lazy 9
Ninja Tunes

“Western Spaghetti”
animated short by

“We Want Your Soul”
song by Freeland
Marine Parade Records

“Let’s Go Out to the Kitchen”
by Filmack Studios

animated short by
Cyriak Harris

“Ecological Apple”
short film by
Andreas Söderberg

“Oyster Vision”
short film by
Coral Morphologic Studios

“Automato” created by
Bill Fienup and Barry Kudrowitz

Produced by
Million Monkeys Inc.

Food | Off the Air | Adult Swim