GO VEGGIE launches new vegan grab-n-go snack bars

GO VEGGIE launches new vegan grab-n-go snack bars

From the first and finest maker of better-for-you cheese, GO VEGGIE® launches new Vegan Snack Bars in two unique flavors – White American and White Cheddar & Meatless Bacon.

Expanding on their popular line of cheese alternative products, the new GO VEGGIE grab-n-go vegan bars are made with healthy coconut and non-gmo ingredients.

In addition, they contain no dairy, cholesterol, lactose, soy nor gluten, and are only 60 calories each, making them perfect for anyone who is seeking healthy alternatives, or reducing or eliminating dairy from their diets.

“With 55% of Americans planning to eat more plant-based foods this year[1], we’re excited to offer a delicious, healthy snack option to support the rising consumer demand”, said Allison Houle, Marketing Manager at GO VEGGIE.

“Our new Vegan Snack Bars are sure to become a household staple, from moms looking for quick, healthy snack options to health-conscious adults seeking low-calorie solutions. Not only do these bars have built-in portion control and nutritional superiority, but they also savor just like cheese.”

Now arriving in both conventional and natural grocery stores nationwide, the 6-ounce bag contains eight ¾-ounce bars and has a manufacturer suggested retail price of $5.99. GO VEGGIE cheese alternative products may be found in produce, dairy, or the natural set depending on the retailer.

[1] Source: Wakefield Research

Editor note: The text in this article is taken directly from a press release.