Laughing Hyenas – Reissued 2018

Laughing Hyenas’ “Merry Go Round” is available on 12″ vinyl here:

Laughing Hyenas’ “You Can’t Pray A Lie” is available on 12″ vinyl here:

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“These were the mid to late 1980s and in the USA it was a time when so much more of the USA underground post-punk-hardcore-new wave-no wave etc scene (Butthole Surfers, Dinosaur Jr, Green River, Big Black, Mission of Burma et al) just slayed, continually. Each group different and strange and fun and blowing open a hole for the future. Laughing Hyenas were one of the defining jewels in this era and have since come to where fate has brought us all in a dynamic variance of good, better, bad, worse and everything in between.”

-Thurston Moore

Song: “Everything I Want”