Minimalism makes you think a little differently about your clothes. It makes you realise just how many items of clothing you own that you don’t actually wear. You’ll most likely have a few favourites in your collection. So wouldn’t it be great if you could just wear your favourite clothes every day and have a minimalist clothing style?

You could go out and buy more of your favourite clothes and fill your wardrobe with everything you love. This may seem a little boring but it’s not really boring for you as these are clothes you love and want to wear every day.

Less stress in your daily routine

Having a minimalist wardrobe can take the stress out of your daily routine of finding something you want to wear for the day as you always want to wear the same outfits. And in the end, you’re the one wearing the clothes, not anyone else.

Plus, in reality, no one really gives a shit about you and what you’re wearing. They’re all tied up in their own paranoia of what they decided to wear. Think back to any time you have worn the same clothing for a few days in a row. Then think how many times someone has called you out on it?

Minimalist clothing is just easier and less time consuming

Finding clothes you like, and that fit really well have way more benefits to your mindset than having tons of different clothes. If you know you like it, it looks good, and it fits right, then you don’t have to spend any extra time thinking about it. You can just wake up, put your clothes on, and breathe into your day without one extra anxious feeling.

You’ll spend less time shopping. Which for some people can be quite therapeutic, but for those of us that dread the busy stores, lines at the checkout, and awkward fitting rooms, then a minimalist clothing style can save you time, money, and stress.

The days of running out of underwear are over too. If you get enough of the same simple style underwear and socks, you really don’t have to put a wash on as frequently. You get through smaller amounts of water, electricity, and washing powder. All of which contribute to our individual footprint.

Minimalist wardrobes are for everyone

Simplifying your style can work for everyone. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the vast majority of the population in the western world had too many items of clothing. Most of which probably only get used once or twice a year, or more extreme, never even leave their original packaging.

Be honest with yourself and take a look at all the clothing you own. Then really think how many times in the last 12 months you have worn them. For most of us, it’s probably a massive chunk that we don’t use.

It’s understandable that over time you may not want to wear certain items and they may go out of style. Yet we can all do a little better to simplify our wardrobe. It’ll take a little bit of stress out of our lives and reduce the impact we have on the world from something we worry about a little too much when no one is really paying attention.

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