Waking up the morning isn’t fun. Most of the time anyway. And we’re not really thinking about new morning routine ideas. We’re just trying to get our eyes open and then figure out how to get from our bed to our work in the easy, quickest and laziest way possible.

So let’s give some structure to your morning to see how you can get the most out of your day and create a healthy morning routine. And hopefully, by doing so, you’ll notice how much better you feel and how much more confidence you will have into the day ahead.

Start your morning routine with a stretch

This comes naturally to most of us anyway, but try to get a good stretch in. Stretch out as far as you can, make it a challenge to cover the full bed if you can stretch hard enough. By stretching out, you can loosen your muscles and ligaments up, and kick start your body into pumping more blood where it matters most.

Opening up your body to the world can have a positive effect on your mental health. You’re embracing the day and not closing off your body by staying curled up in bed. Plus, it’s actually really easy to do.

Turn on the lights

It can be difficult, more so if you sleep with someone in the same bed, or get ready for the day in the same room as you may not want to wake them. Unfortunately, by not getting as much light in the room as possible, you’re gonna feel extra groggy.

Try to get as much natural light right away if you can too. Turn on all the lights as well. This will help you adjust your internal clock, as it’s all triggered by light. By staying in the dark, this gives your body a signal to say that it’s still night sleepy time. So no wonder you feel terrible.

Drinking water

This is one of the easiest morning routine ideas. Before doing anything else next, grab yourself a few glasses of water, or huge glass. Feel free to just stick your head under the tap if you really want. Whatever way you choose, try to get as much water in your body as you can, as soon as you wake.

Your body has been shut down for a long time, and hopefully around 8 hours. So you’re definitely dehydrated, more so if your bedroom is quite hot. This helps you wake up naturally, without having to use coffee. It may also help by kick-starting your metabolism too.

If you’re really up for it, you can drop in some fresh lemon or lime too. These things are full of awesome vitamins and minerals to keep your body in top shape. This can be a strange one for some people, but do it a few times and you’ll soon start to crave it. Make sure it’s fresh lemon or lime too, not stuff that’s preserved or full of sugar.

Make your bed

It may seem a little over-hyped, but the nuance of making your bed before anything else can change your mentality towards the day. Once your bed is made, and it really only takes a moment or two, is your first task of the day completed.

This can start a chain of events through the day to get more stuff done. Some consider this as a keystone habit, one that holds everything else in place and is one of the most underrated daily habits. You start the day completing something that no one else will ever really see, but you’re doing it for yourself. And how much nicer does a made bed look.

Don’t hit that snooze

Whoever invented the snooze is a savage. This thing just shouldn’t be allowed. It may feel like a good idea at first to hit the button for another 15 mins, yet it has a negative effect. Think back to the last time you woke up consistently straight away compared to hitting the snooze button. Snoozing is not one of the best morning routine ideas.

It’s a very different state of mind, and it does take work, will power and consistency. The crazy thing is, when you do snooze, you then fall into the trap of stressing about having enough time to get ready in the morning for work.

Starting the day with anxiety just because you hit the snooze is avoidable. Why not try and save anxiety for all the other madness in your life. So, how did you feel last time you snoozed instead of getting up right away?

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