Nilüfer Yanya – Same Damn Luck (Official Video)

“Same Damn Luck” is from Nilüfer Yanya’s new EP ‘Feeling Lucky?’, out now. Stream the EP here:

Directed & Produced by Molly Daniel


Bad news
All bad news
Every time you called in sick
Or stayed in
They all knew
They all knew
I told you
I told.

I find it overbearing
I think its frustrating
Had enough
Of staying in touch

I find it overwhelming
I think its perplexing
I blame us,
It’s the same rush.

It’s the same damn luck;
You’re staying in touch,
I pray every single time
that you;
blow that kiss
I, hope you miss
But its the same damn luck
I pray every single time
End up staying in touch.

Miss you, miss you

Don’t assume assume.

Im bound to lose baby,
Dead give away sign is the covert tricks ,that stayed in
they all choose
They all choose
They sold you
They sold
they all knew
That they all choose

I think its over bearing
I think it’s frustrating
Just my luck
Its in my blood.

I find it overwhelming
I think it’d perplexing
In no rush
Keep in touch.