We are an independent music and culture magazine based in Amsterdam. We are creating a platform to cut through (most of) the noise from other magazines online to bring our readers the coolest stories, people, brands and artists.

Founded in Nottingham UK in 2013, and now located in Amsterdam, Digital Warble started as an independent men’s lifestyle magazine focusing on the latest music, games, movies, and fashion.

In 2019, this independent online music and culture magazine took a new approach. Digital Warble seeks to fill a void in online media. There is a distinct lack of coverage of the people and brands trying to make a difference in the world and thinking of the environment first.

At the same time, we still want to cover the latest music, games, movies, and fashion.

Our changing natural environment is one of the most crucial issues this generation faces, yet the online media and the lifestyle magazines that come with them still push consumerism which results in a negative impact on the environment.

We hope to create content that analyses the various ways in which the natural world affects our lives but also to spark much-needed discussion on environmental topics.

We hope to expand the responsible consumption worldwide, building a culture of respect, with positive effects on the economy, society and the environment.