Only Sun – Weird Wins (Official Lockdown Music Video)

“Weird Wins”, the latest single for our debut album “Tangled Mind”, is out now on all major platforms!!!
‘Weird Wins’ is all about trying to dissect your own mind and how some thoughts can seem very alien. In Euan’s words:

“I wrote the words to this song last winter when it felt my mind was pulling me in so many directions. I was trying to focus on doing some good, but it was noisy up there. My head was being yanked into different realities and at the mercy of any thought that snuck its way in. Thoughts became personalities, and the personalities became puppeteers who controlled my everyday actions and relationships.
I thought that it might help for me to dissect who these multiple personalities were. I gave them names and diagnosed where their problems may stem from. Phil, Spence and Elaine were born. They, among others, are the masters of the Tangled Mind. Get to know them, as they have a lot to say on the album.”
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Music produced by: Sam Winfield
Edited by: Tom Millar

Video directed and produced by Aabid Kanji. Animation by Taylor Lacey.

All music written and performed by Only Sun. © 2021