Moving one step further with its sustainability efforts, Styrian cosmetics label PURE SKIN FOOD by No Planet B GmbH has announced that it is now officially carbon-neutral. All their products contain 100% certified organic plant-based raw materials. This is how you set the standard in the cosmetics industry.

PURE SKIN FOOD use organic farming, which means a reduction in 30% less carbon dioxide emissions on average compared to conventional agriculture. It’s not just the hand-made products that give a warm hug to the environment but they also use recycled or upcycled glass bottles and packaging is made from recycled, plastic-free material. Promotional flyers are made from recycling paper as well as environmentally friendly vegan ink.

Offering a mixture of oils, moisturisers, scrubs and everything your skin would thank you for, all without additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers, perfumes, PURE SKIN FOOD seem to be one of the most forward-thinking organic cosmetic brands on the market.

Image credit: ©Christiane Hofer

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