We’re all more aware of each and every part of our daily interactions with waste when shopping. It started with the culling of using single-use plastic bags to carry shopping. And now companies like Plastic Free Pantry are taking the next steps to offer dried and whole foods normally found in plastic.

The demand for easier ways to reduce our plastic use is ever more present. The recent findings by Break Free From Plastics again highlighted the pollution crisis we’re facing. So the need for plastic-free, or at the very least, plastic-reducing companies are growing more than ever.

There are also many people who are unable to get to a physical store. Ordering online makes things so much easier, and with carbon neutral delivery services available in the UK, you can be sure that you’re doing even more to reduce your overall waste.

What is the Plastic Free Pantry?

Plastic Free Pantry is the UK’s first online plastic free shop, and they’re reinvesting any profits into expanding a range of plastic-free produce to provide more plastic free options to their customers. They use paper and home compostable plant film called Natureflex to send out their food.

What does Plastic Free Pantry sell?

This awesome company stocks a wide range of products, and as a bonus, they’re all suitable for vegans. With over 150 whole foods and pantry staples such as rice, pasta, dried fruit, beans, and lentils, you’ll struggle to not find your basket full to the brim.

What to take to a plastic-free shop

If you prefer heading out to a physical store, then you need to be prepared. For bulky, unpackaged foods, personal care items, and smaller gifts take a container along with you. For food like bread and muffins, take a reusable bag with you and if you can try to buy in bulk.

Plastic Free Pantry is one of the many companies that is looking at the world differently. They’re making it easier to shop online if you’re trying to reduce your footprint. So next time you need to order your dried foods, check out this awesome company to create your very own zero waste pantry.

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