Everyone has a different definition of success in their life. Some of us have a whole heap of goals and aspirations, some people don’t have any. They’re really tough to nail down. And when you build up to a goal in your life, and you achieve it, it’s one of the coolest feelings.

We’re all on a constant path of development and finding what makes us tick, in different ways. Something that seems to take people to a new level in their life is routine. A consistent routine seems to give you structure, control and keeps your eyes on whatever prize you’re after. More so than ever, it looks like a morning routine is what helps the most.

So here are some findings from my research for what you may want to put into your perfect morning routine, to give you more control over whatever you’re trying to do.

Waking up early, or at least, consistently

Probably one of the hardest consistent routines to add to your list is waking up early. Early obviously depends on what you do for a living. The recurring theme when it comes to waking up “early” is that you’re more productive. And that you get stuff done while no one is around.

This heavily leans on discipline. If you’re disciplined enough in your daily routine, no matter what time, you’re more likely to be more productive. What does make sense more than ever, and by all means, I suck at waking up, it’s those early hours can set your day up for the most positive day ever. Heavy hitters of the world get those extra hours in before anyone else to “outwork the competition”. Which, is super admirable. That is if you are a competitive person.

So building this into your routine can do wonders for your outlook on life. It may also have a positive influence on your health by being in a better sleep pattern. You know, circadian rhythms and all that jazz.

Get loose and get the blood pumping

Doing some form of exercise, stretching, or whatever it is first thing kick starts your system and fuels the meat machine you’ve been given. If you can get to the gym and get a workout in is also one way to really shine. Lifting weights in the morning makes you feel amazing. You’ve put a challenge in front of you and completed it. This also means you’re not having to worry about having to go to the gym after to finish work, or later in your day. It’s done, you’ve smashed it, you lifted your way to a solid day.

You may find that once you’re getting consistent with this, you’ll start to really enjoy it. And it may become a meditative practice in the mornings. You’ll feel more chilled, and ready to face whatever comes at you throughout the day.

Feed your mind with information

You’ve tackled two of the hardest things before breakfast. Now you can use that extra free headspace and blood flow to learn something new. It can literally be anything. There is so much content around the internet for free to get your hands on it would be rude not to at least have a look.

This morning time opens your day up to a fresh perspective on things. As it’s a new start. Yesterday is over, and the future is ahead of you. You only need to focus on the now. Being present at this time again enhances positivity into your routine. Throughout the day you may experience moments of clarity or different ways of thinking due to new information you have taken in before anything else hits your plate during the busy day.

Get a good meal in

This one is really important for many people. The impact a solid meal can have on the way you spend your waking hours is quite insane. After all, we need food of some form or other to actually survive. Making a meal in the morning gives you that extra time just to think about the day and what you have ahead of you. It’s also another incentive to wake a bit earlier if you’re looking forward to your breakfast.

Food is what can make or break a day for some. Types of food are also really impactful. This is trial and error when you’re working out your routine. Test what feels good, what doesn’t feel so great and stick to it.

Get the toughest task done first

Whatever it is that makes the most impact on your goals get that done first. Or break the task down into manageable chunks and complete that. Now you have done that, all the other things in the day will feel like a bonus, and you won’t have the bigger task looming around your head.

Tackling this task head-on, with a body and mind full of energy means everything else seems much easier. Even if it’s a small thing to do, just get it done.

Create a to-do list for the day

Just like the bigger goals you want to achieve, you need smaller versions of that so you can actually work closer to them. So spending a little time creating a to-do list is essential. This time keeps you focused and on track. It’s also a great way to push yourself back on the right track if you get distracted during the day.

Take some time for yourself

Spend a little time during your morning routine on making yourself feel good. Showering, shaving, perfecting your outfit. It can be anything. Just give yourself time to feel better. Taking care of yourself is only going to be done by one person. And that’s you. So if you feel like you look like shit, unfortunately, it’s down to you my friend.

Practice gratefulness

Another hard one to get into the routine of, but being grateful for things in your life can give you such a positive outlook. It can be the smallest things. Getting into a mindset that it’s not all that bad and you have something amazing things in your world that makes it hard to see things any other way.

Over time you’ll see the world in a different light. You’ll find that you can celebrate the smaller wins in life and give yourself more confidence to carry on what you’re doing. Without being grateful for everything we have done, we tend to overlook all the little things that can creep into our weird little worlds. This can make us easily forget just how awesome we actually are.

You’re more successful than you think. So spend some time actually thinking about it. And make sure you take time to value you.

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