Every year, at least 9 million trees are flushed down toilets and 8 million tonnes of plastic flood the oceans, all to make standard toilet paper. To combat the devastating effects a simple trip to the loo can have on the environment, Pure Planet Club introduced their tree-free and plastic-free range of eco-friendly toilet paper back in 2017.

It takes approximately 140 litres of water to make one roll of standard toilet paper and 15% of the world’s deforestation is from the creation of toilet paper. Add to that global toilet paper production wipes out approximately 27,000 trees per day, which is equivalent to around 9 million trees per year. It takes 1 acre of trees to provide enough oxygen for 18 people per year and ultimately, trees combat Global Warming by lowering the air temperature from evaporating water in their leaves.

So, this month, Pure Planet Club has launched their new Marine Collection with six ocean-inspired designs to celebrate all the creatures large and small they are saving one roll at a time. Pure Planet Club’s new Marine Collection toilet paper is available now for RRP $60 per 36 pack carton, or $54 per carton with a 10% discount on subscription, both include delivery to your door.

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