Located in the Chinese capital’s southwestern region stands the newly completed world’s tallest atrium. The Leeza SOHO, design by Zaha Hadid Architects sits on Lize Road, anchoring Fengtai business district.

This beautiful building boasts many sustainable features and as a result, received a LEED Gold certification by the US Green Building Council. There are external water-collection fixtures, an insulating green roof that harvests solar energy and double-insulated glass curtain walls systems that allow for efficient environmental control for each floor.

Sustainability in China is challenging. On one side they are making progress in green investments and how to deal with it in some areas. Then there contrasting reports on the deteriorating environment and the problems this causes. From air pollution, to “cancer villages” near factories. Add to that the devastation caused by partially manmade droughts and floods.

Whatever the challenges ahead, it’s nice to see the Leeza SOHO, a 45-story building has sustainability at its core.

Image: © Hufton+Crow

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