For some reason, there are a lot of people who still think that killing a huge wild animal for a small part of their body is perfectly acceptable. In this case, the rhino horn is sold as an aphrodisiac in traditional Chinese medicine. In 2018 alone, over 700 rhinos were killed by poachers.

Luckily we have smart scientists on our side. They have seemingly managed to create a fake rhino horn that looks and feels like the real thing. It’s made up of horsehair glued together with silk and hopefully, with this flooding into the market, the authentic horn will become less valuable, and thus the price and demand drops.

On discovering that animal’s horns are completely made up of keratin, they found that using horsehair to create material with a similar consistency as real horn. This is hopefully one step closer to creating less demand for an animal product that usually results in horrible poaching.

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