Shoe styles you may want to avoid this summer

When it comes to shoes, there are so many different types around for men. Some I love, some I really don’t get a good vibe from, and look pretty ugly.

There are some shoes that you may want to be aware of before you either put them on again or are considering to add to your wardrobe.

So let’s hop into the first of the many different styles of shoe, that you may want to avoid, and throw out your closet.

Flip flops, thongs, whatever you want call them

You can’t really argue with this one. Flip flops are ugly on any guy. There is just never a good excuse to wear these. By flip flops, we’re talking about the thong-style.

They aren’t the safest of things to be walking around in too. They get caught on stuff, they don’t provide any protection to your feet too.

Shoes with weird square ends

We’ve all seen these, and I think at some point when I was in my early teens I probably caught myself polishing some. Have another look now, they’re not that pretty. At all.

More aesthetic shoes tend to be something that follows the natural shape of your feet. Not the style that looks as though you’ve run into a brick wall.

Maybe avoid some shoe styles all together

It could be a good chance to take a look at your current collection of shoes and rethink the brands you normally go with altogether.

The shoe industry is just hammering out so many designs to keep us coming back for the latest and greatest version of the previous model.

These new styles from certain brands mass producing some shoes have now contributed to a large part of the environmental situation we’re in.

Billions of pairs of shoes are produced every year. And many of the styles we know and love either contain animal products, or plastic.

So when considering your style of shoe, it could be a good option to search out for some of the more sustainable options and brands that are trying to do things a little differently in the industry.

Shoe, sandal hybrid cluster fucks

We don’t know what they are, where they came from, and how they even managed to get into any kind of shoe store, but these things are like dog shit in the snow.

They may be more comfortable, and better for your feet in some ways if you need to give your dirty-ass yellow toenails some breathing space, but they really are ugly.

Trainer dress shoe thing

These are another hybrid of two styles. Which really don’t work. You either wear a trainer or a dress shoe. Not both at the same time.

It’s probably better for your overall style to actually wear one dress shoe on one foot, and one trainer on the other.

What do you think? What styles would you avoid over the summer? Leave your comments below.