Stella McCartney’s Latest Sustainable Collection Is Fantasia-Expensive

English fashion designer Stella McCartney has just dropped her latest collection of themed accessories and footwear made with recyclable and vegan-friendly materials. This new conscious collection is inspired by Disney’s classic animated film Fantasia with designs that include the characters Mickey and Pegasus.

Looking into the collection the first thing that doesn’t do the fashion industry any favours for us more conscious consumers is the hefty price tags. The lowest price item is a pair of socks at €53 with prices going all the way through to a mad coat for €3,900. But we do understand that this brand is classed as “luxury”, so that price tag is no surprise.

Paying extra for quality and more conscious clothing is a no-brainer. However, it’s difficult to justify spending so much hard-earned cash on this collection. If you do have a little extra in your pocket then take a look at the end of the article to see what we recommend based on price and the sustainable materials they use.

Stella McCartney’s Latest Sustainable Collection Is Fantasia-Expensive

Pushing sustainable products into the fashion world

This collection is another addition to Stella McCartney’s commitment to sustainable fashion. Last year they also launched vegan leather bags made from mushrooms and vegan sneakers made with recycled fishing nets.

They’re also committed to no PVC, leather, feathers, fur or skins, Angora, PFCs, mulesing and many other positive sustainability efforts. Interestingly their website doesn’t seem to have any new information further than their 2018/19 impact report and their Sustainability Timeline was updated last in 2020.

These efforts are only positive and provide more clarity on the industry that’s pretty much impossible to become fully sustainable. So if you are going to buy new luxury fashion, it seems that Stella McCartney is going the extra mile to be more conscious.

As this is a collaboration of sorts, it’s good to mention Disney’s efforts with CSR. We quickly scanned through their 2021 CSR report and found that it’s packed full of juicy content. It’s an entirely different beast to go into detail in this article but in this case on their supply chain site, they state: “We also license our characters and stories to third parties to produce and sell Disney-branded products, making Disney the largest consumer products licensor in the world.“.

More specifically in their ‘Strategic Sourcing’ document, they outline what’s important to them, in this case, “Supplier and subcontractor compliance with Disney’s Policies and Standards, including Disney’s Supply Chain Code of Conduct (labour standards, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, supply chain management, ethics, product quality and safety)“.

You can make an assumption that both Stella McCartney and Disney have both brands’ sustainability interests at heart. At least, that’s what it sounds like on the surface. The details matter lads, and we’re here to do the hard work to dive into these brands jumping on the sustainability narrative.

(From left to right: Fantasia Mickey Print Logo Hat, Fantasia Mickey Hand Necklace)

Our recommendations from the collection

Our two favourites from the collection are the Fantasia Mickey Print Logo Hat and the Fantasia Mickey Hand Necklace. Diving into the details on these two and it looks like they’re claiming that the hat is made from sustainable GOTS® Cotton, grown without harmful pesticides.

The product description for the necklace only states 100% Brass, so it’s unclear what the necklace chain is made from, or if it even comes with a chain.

These two are on the “cheaper” side of the spectrum for the collection and have a clean and simple aesthetic that will easily fit into your conscious wardrobe.

You do get free express delivery which is a nice addition after you’ve emptied your wallet and according to their sustainability timeline, their paper and cardboard packaging was certified sustainable in 2014.

If you want to dig around yourself you can see the Stella McCartney Presents Disney Fantasia collection here.

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