We’re all thinking a little differently when it comes to the clothes we put on our backs. And, for good reason, as fast fashion is really messing up our environment. However, it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom as we’ll explore some of the coolest sustainable clothing brands that are changing the industry, and the world.

The sustainable brands mentioned below claim that they don’t exploit adults and children in third world countries and can be classed as fair trade clothing providers. We all know the ethical cost of taking advantage of good people trying to make their way in this world. Each brand claims that they do their best to not destroy the planet through the production of cheap, low-quality products, or just making clothes for one season.

With quality and mindfulness when it comes to commerce, you won’t be surprised that the sustainable clothing brands below come at a pretty high cost in some cases. So make sure you’re thinking more about the long term gain of spending a little more on these types of brands and that you’re not really going to get a t-shirt for single digits.

We haven’t tried any of the products listed so can’t vouch for the quality, fit, and all that jazz. However, we are hoping to reach out to the brands listed to give honest reviews of how good or bad they are. If you are from one of these brands, feel free to reach out to us.

Sustainable clothing brands for men and women

Know The Origin: Based in the UK, this brand sells sustainable and ethical clothing for men and women. Not limited to clothing, they also have random stuff like bamboo toothbrushes, which is a great transition from the plastic ones if you’re trying to make some wider changes to your lifestyle and help the environment. If you’re also looking for some sustainable jewellery then Know The Origin is a great company to consider when buying more consciously.

Sustainable swimwear brands for women

Beach Access: Designed in California and handmade in Bali Beach Access is a sustainable swimwear brand for women. Not something you always think about shopping ethically, but this is a great start. They claim that they are entirely plastic-free, that includes packing and shipping.

This is something that can take the good out of a lot of eco-friendly clothing as the brand might be sustainable, but the shipping isn’t. Make sure when you’re looking around for brands that you take this into account, as it may not be worth it in some cases.

A good sign is that they don’t have too many clothes to keep their production low. There are towels and bags made from natural materials available as well. And from the leftover fabrics, they make hair scrunchies. Which is a pretty useful way of using as many pieces of their production line as possible.

Sustainable shoes for men and women

Veja: We often don’t think of finding shoes that are made sustainably, especially when the vast majority are made from leather. So enter Veja, a transparent brand that uses organic materials such as Brazilian rubber and they have strict fair-trade laws. These sustainable shoes are some of the best looking on the market and seem to be of really good quality and style.

Sustainable jewellery for women

Wolf Circus: All materials used to make Wolf Circus’s jewellery are recycled which hopefully means a lot of metals are not going to waste. Made in Vancouver, Canada, this sustainable jewellery brand isn’t too clunky in style. It’s very minimalistic and simple.

Hopefully, this has been helpful for when you’re looking around for new sustainable fashion brands to add to your list. We highly recommend that you do research before to make sure these brands are who they say they are, and also if possible, buy second-hand clothing.

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