Powdered food is changing the way we think about meals. A complete nutritional solution without the need for, actual food? Sounds pretty weird.

This is the Future of Food. This is the new way to get all the wonderful stuff you need to function as a genuine human, apparently. This is Huel, a UK company making life a little easier for people that are constantly on the move.

Huel’s powdered food is made from a blend of protein, carbohydrates and fats alongside a specific blend formulated to provide the recommended daily intake of vitamins, removing the need to eat food.

The mix apparently gives you a whole day’s worth of nutrition and takes just a few minutes to mix. Which means health-conscious, super busy people can make sure they get everything they need in their diets without worrying about time.

The powder is made up of rice and peas for protein, oats for carbohydrates and flaxseed, sunflower and coconut for fat. These ingredients are clean, true to life and as wholesome as possible.

Huel contains no animal products, with minimal environmental impact. Which means it ticks the Vegan box and is high in fibre to keep you full and your digestive system healthy.

With the world-changing the way we think about the day and productivity. This concept seems to push the boundaries of what is possible to get even more from the 24 hours you have.

Our relationship with food is really complex. We’re all different. We all think differently. So could this quick-thinking nutritional supplement become a staple to all of our diets?

For busy people wanting to keep their diet in check, Huel might be essential to fit into a daily routine.

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