Third Man Records Pro-Ject Limited Lightning Yellow RM 1.3 Turntable

Our first audiophile turntable, made by Pro-Ject with one thing in mind: sonic transcendence. The radical design, shape of the chassis with decoupled motor, inverted main bearing, and newly designed tone-arm guarantee that this turntable is a worthy and sizable upgrade to your listening station. The Limited Lightning features a factory-mounted moving magnet cartridge, an inverted chrome-plated, stainless steel axle that rests on a polished steel bearing in a bronze housing for low wow-and-flutter and speed accuracy, three nylon cone feet to further reduce noise and vibration, and a three point MDF plinth with an isolated motor assembly optimized for low noise and speed stability. Is that Greek to you? Let us translate: this turntable will make your records SING.