More than half a million trees have now been pledged by people in more than 50 countries around the world to counter US President Donald Trump’s ignorance on climate change.

Trump Forest was launched by three New Zealand-based men in April in response to Trump’s repeated attacks on climate science and climate action.

In just five months, 530,653 trees have been pledged with almost $70,000 (USD) in backing at

Of all the donations to date, just under half have come from people living in the United States. The rest have been spread throughout the world with clusters in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Trump Forest co-founder and glaciologist, Dr Daniel Price, says the map shows the global nature of human-induced climate change: both in its impact and the response needed to mitigate it.

The Trump Forest team has calculated it needs roughly 10 billion trees to offset the extra greenhouse gases Trump’s anti-climate agenda will put into the atmosphere.

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