It’s catching on everywhere. Delivery company Deliveroo have released info to show that orders for plant-based menu items on UK food app have risen by 330% in just two years. Popular delivery dishes seem to be By Chloe’s Guacamole Burger and Wagamama’s vegatsu curry.

Many of the food companies on the app have helped the platform grow it’s plant food offerings by 168% in 2019 alone. This year has also been the year for the dirty vegan burger, after the meteoric rise of alt meat burgers on the UK market. This includes the Honest Burger and the Beyond Burger.

So the Brits seem to be loving imitation meats, vegan-friendly alternatives and dirty vegan dishes. Not only that, but across the water in the US, vegan orders via GrubHub have popped up 25% in 2019 and that Impossible Burger is the most popular late-night order across North America.

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